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Materials & Resources

Office buildings and its occupants use large amounts of materials and resources, and generate tons of waste through its daily operations and while undergoing construction. The Materials & Resources category encourages the selection of materials that is environmentally friendly. This typically includes products that have been sustainably grown, harvested, produced and transported. Increased use of sustainable materials promotes the practices of reuse and recycling, which will reduce the amount of waste going into a building's waste stream.

  • Following considerable effort and outreach to tenants, 425 Market St. has achieved a 73% waste diversion rate. The building's waste reduction services contractor, Biagini Waste Reduction Services, performed numerous waste audits to determine the contents of the building's waste stream. The audit results showed that many recyclable and compostable items were being included in the waste stream. In response, Cushman & Wakefield, met with each tenant individually to re-educate the difference between recyclables, compostables and trash and promoted better sorting practices. Additionally, Cushman and Wakefield met with janitorial staff to re-educate and ensure recyclables, compostables, and trash are placed in corresponding receptacles (i.e., recycling compactor, trash container, etc.) prior to leaving the building.
  • 425 Market St. utilizes various vendors to recycle electronic waste for the building. The building has installed a drop box in the loading dock for small e-waste items such as cell phones, PDA's, electronic cords and other miscellaneous electronics. For larger e-waste items the building holds e-waste recycling days each quarter. This encourages tenants to recycle all electronic waste when possible so that it can be diverted from the landfill.
  • 425 Market St. has a separate collection area in the loading dock where tenants can drop off dead batteries for recycling. The building encourages the proper method of battery disposal. The California Department of Transportation states that each individual battery must be either placed in its own plastic bag or have both terminals taped, even during transportation. The batteries collected at the loading dock are picked up by a battery recycler, Bay Area Battery, for proper handling and recycling.
  • 425 Market St. recycles used ballasts, fluorescent lamps and other mercury containing lamps with Regency Lighting. The quantity is recorded and reported to the state at the required times. 425 Market St. complies with all State and Local hazardous waste disposal regulations.
  • 425 Market St. always look for ways to reduce the amount of hazardous materials that are used in the building. The building staff examined the level of mercury contained in each light bulb of the 22,000 presently used in the building. By exploring options with our vendors, the building staff was able to find alternate lamps with less mercury content. By using light bulbs with less mercury content, the building reduces the amount of hazardous materials to be disposed.
  • 425 Market St. has implemented a desk side recycling program. Tenants separate recyclable materials from trash prior to disposal. All these materials - including plastics, cardboard, paper, bottle and cans - are collected and diverted from landfills.
  • 425 Market St. has implemented a composting program. Paper hand towels from the building restrooms, food scraps, and compostable items are diverted to green receptacles on the loading dock that are removed daily.
  • 425 Market St. collects its partial toilet paper rolls from the restrooms and donates them to local charities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Delancey Street Foundation and Walden House/HealthRight 360 each pick up two (2) 64-gallon containers of partial toilet rolls for its constituents bi-monthly. Delancey Street Foundation is a self-help organization that assists individuals in acquiring employment skills and achieving economic independence. HealthRight 360/Walden House gives hope, building health, and changes lives for people in needby providing comprehensive, integrated, compassionate care that includes primary medical care, mental health services, and substance use disorder treatment.
  • Several tenants at 425 Market St. hire vendors to shred their confidential documents. Currently 11 of 35 floors (of office space) employ document shredding services. The building management office records the volume of shredding from each vendor and tenant. The totals indicate approximately 32,000 pounds of paper is shredded and recycled each month.


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