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LEED Certification
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Energy & Atmosphere

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, buildings use 39% of the energy and 74% of the electricity produced in the United States. The Energy & Atmosphere category promotes strategies that buildings use to conserve energy. Reducing energy consumption improves the energy performance of buildings, reduces operating costs and pollution and enhances occupant comfort. These strategies include Retro-Commissioning; energy use monitoring; efficient design and construction; efficient appliances; systems and lighting; the use of renewable and clean sources of energy, generated on-site or off-site; and many other innovative approaches.

  • 425 Market Street participates in PG&E's Retro-Commissioning program. Retro-commissioning is a systematic and documented process of identifying which of the building's systems, including mechanical/HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and standby power, are not performing to their intended level and making necessary repairs or improvements to save energy and cost. In 2014, Taylor Engineering performed a Retro-Commissioning audit of the existing building systems and provided a draft audit report. Once the final report is received and recommendations provided, the building will evaluate each measure for implementation and likely low- and no cost measures will be immediately implemented.
  • Cushman Wakefield has been a United States EPA Energy Star Partner since 1999 and has been participating with the EPA on various levels. The EPA Energy Star program provides a standardized methodology that is recognized and accepted throughout the commercial real estate industry. 425 Market Street benchmarks its electricity, gas and water consumption by using the Energy Star web-based tool called “Portfolio Manager”. 425 Market St. first earned the Energy Star rating in 2006 and in 2013 achieved an Energy Star rating of 88 out of a maximum point scale of 100.
  • 425 Market St. has a building operations plan that identifies what needs of the building and procedures to meet those needs. Through ongoing testing, maintenance, and monitoring of these systems, the building is able to meet these requirements at the most efficient level.


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