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LEED Certification
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Water Efficiency

The Water Efficiency category focuses on strategies to conserve water. As buildings are major users of our potable water supply, the USGBC encourages buildings to concentrate on water reduction inside and outside. This is typically achieved through the use of more efficient appliances, fixtures, and fittings, and water-wise landscaping practices. 425 Market Street has implemented the following practices to improve water efficiency.

  • The San Francisco Water Department conducted an audit of the building's water usage. The audit results showed that by installing more efficient plumbing fixtures in select locations (low flow toilets, low flow aerators and dual flush valves) the building's water consumption will decrease nearly 20%.
  • 425 Market's urban landscaping practices facilitate water efficiency. The use of drip irrigation and hand-watering practices reduces water consumption. In addition, the water usage is monitored through an independent sub meter, allowing for detailed tracking of the water usage and ensuring that landscaping practices are consistent with 425 Market St.'s landscaping management program.

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